Happy 49th Birthday Singapore inc.

Photo: Eustaquio Santimano

The skyline of Singapore. Photo: Eustaquio Santimano

  The big bright world outside is beautiful and full of opportunities. There are 1001 things everyone else around us has that we don’t. Great discoveries and fantastic works are produced every day, everywhere. There are people at opposite ends of the spectrum everywhere, from the really rich who can spend hours eating expensive foods and talking nonsense to the really poor who work 3 jobs and cannot even eat enough to live, from the highly educated working in their chosen fields to the highly educated struggling to find a job, from city dwellers to country folk… and who do we have in Singapore? 

When people ask me for Singapore’s size, location, population, languages, it is so easy to answer. But when people ask me what Singaporeans do for a living, what is the principal industry of my country, what is so special about my culture, what is our national sport, what has put the little red dot on the world map, I struggle to answer. In the last 10 – 15 years, what have we really done?

49 years under the same management, Singapore Inc. is now being run more like a corporation than a country. People who can no longer contribute to her economy are now considered liabilities, not to be respected for years of hard work but trashed for no longer being useful. People who struggle to make ends meet are not accepted or helped by society, but shunned as an outcast and a liability. People who make below living wages are not assisted but had to work till they die. The moment you have no use to your country, you can forget about looking to your country for some dignified golden years. Money is spent on anything and everything for quick results. We buy medals instead of training our own sportsmen over many years, we buy engineers, scientists, and bankers instead of educating our own people over many years, we buy instant results in schools instead of life-long learning, we buy new gadgets and throw old good ones just because they are slow, we buy new buses and increase fares just because old ones didn’t have aircon, we even pay people to say good things about the government on the internet!

It is not easy to have survived 49 years. As a Singaporean I wish for my country many more good years to come. I wish she can be rid of the parasites and the destructive systems and be a dignified country once again.

Happy 49th Birthday Singapore.

Written by: L. C.


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